Everything a dancer needs for positive mental health...

Our 8 year old daughter is a member of the Wynd too program at the Well Center and I cannot properly express just how impressed I am with the Wynd program and The Well Center. They have truly considered every aspect of dancers of every age. The studio is bright and airy and filled with everything a dancer and a child needs for positive mental health. Their highly skilled instructors focus on providing a well rounded program not solely focused on techniques but also, strength training, mental wellness, and team building. The Well Center has provided my child with a far superior, healthier experience than any previous dance studios we’ve been to. They are far more than just dancers. The care and attention they put into every aspect of each child is truly extraordinary.

Parent – Emily L

The excitement is back when they dance...

I have a teen and a young girl dancing here. They have nothing but positive things to report and their excitement is now back when they dance. The whole space and everyone there is super supportive while pushing their skills at the same time. The space gives me Broadway Dance Center” in NYC vibes – I can’t wait to see the growth and joy in my kids as they continue to dance here.

Parent – Arielle K

The training and choreography are unmatched...

My daughter loves being part of The WyND Program. The training and choreography are unmatched, and my daughter continues to gain confidence with each day. She also loves The Well Center. The space is beautiful, and my daughter is able to tap into her creative energy while there.

Parent – Tiffany H

Something we have been searching for, for quite awhile...

I wanted to take a moment this morning and send a note of gratitude to you all for the space and environment in which you have cultivated at your center. My daughter went to the pop-up last night and came out buzzing. She loved the energy, the inclusion, the support, and the encouraged individual freedom found within your space. Coming from a competition centered background, it was such a nice (and needed) change of pace (for the both of us, really), and something we have been searching for for quite a while. As a parent, I loved how she came out talking about how the professional dancers, and those much more advanced, let her right in the middle of them, and allowed her to share that space and time with them and did not think twice about it. Instead, she was included and given the opportunity to learn from them and take away new knowledge and exposure. 

So from a burnt out competition mom, I thank you for what you are doing and what you are pouring into our younger generation of dancers (and I am sure that passes through to even your adult dancers). 

Parent – CJP

WyND Prioritizes Intimate Class Sizes and a Nurturing Environment

As a parent of a WyND dancer, I cannot recommend WyND Dance Program highly enough. WyND prioritizes intimate class sizes and a nurturing, warm feel that encourages growth both as a dancer and as an individual, all while maintaining an elite level small group training environment. And the opportunity to closely interact and dance with the WhirlWind Professional Dancers regularly makes this program completely unique! The dedication and expertise of WyND’s directors and instructors has truly transformed not only my daughter’s technique and artistry, but also her confidence and love of dance!


– Lauren R.

The Well Center

116 E Moler St. Columbus, Ohio 43206

The Well is home to Whirlwind Dance and

The WyND Program